4,000 families displaced by Houthi militias in Hajjah  

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September Net

A recent report by the Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management  in Yemen revealed that 4760 families from the districts of Kushar and Aflah al-Sham in Hajjah had been displaced due to the indiscriminate shelling and siege imposed by the Houthi militias on the region for more than a month.

According to the Yemeni news agency “Saba”, the Houthi militias have destroyed 1800 houses and forced their owners to displaced in addition to bombing 12 houses since the start of their military campaign.

The families have been displaced to villages and or areas either within the two districts or beyond them, said the report.

The health situation in Kushar and Aflah al-Sham is deteriorating. At least 23 health centers have been ceased work, in addition to the scarcity of drinking water due to the lack of oil.

The majority of Hajoor’s 141000 tribesmen who are staying in their homes under Houthi siege and threat of continuous shelling suffer a severe shortage of food in their homes and may starve if the months-long siege continues longer.


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