Dozens Houthi rebels killed in besieged Hajoor, Hajjah


September Net

Dozens of Houthi militias have been  killed and injured on Thursday during battles with Resistance heroes of  Hajoor tribes in Hajjah province.

Local sources said the senior Houthi rebel leaders Najeeb Hamood Al-Gholi was also killed today along with score of his escorts.

The sources said that the Resistance fighters of Hajoor have been able to thwart all the militias’ attempts to make advance on the ground in the region.

Meantime, Hajoor tribes have refuted Houthi militias’ media reports saying its militants took over areas in the region, saying the militias are only making illusive and fake gains.

In a statement the tribes reiterated that they are continuing the “battle against the militias until breaking the siege imposed on their region for more than one month.”

“Houthi militias are committing all brutal atrocities and crimes, and still shelling residential areas in  Hajoor with all types of weapons, even with missiles,” the statement said.

Houthi coupist militias have indiscriminately and hysterically bombarded populated areas even with explosive-laden drones  “Alabeesa”, which they claimed taking over yesterday, local sources said, adding ” a number of civilians fell dead and injured, and several houses and farms were destroyed.

The Arab coalition sent down quantity of weapons and ammunition to support the besieged tribes in Hajoor. It’s the seventh airdrops since the Houthi militias’ aggression against the region started two months ago.


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