Militias’ breaches of Hodeida truce ongoing as army foils its attacks


September Net

Houthi coupist militias continue to disregard Hodeida cease-fire by  launching heavy bombardment on residential areas and National Army  positions.

Monitoring Unit affiliated with the army’s Giants Brigades in port city said Houthi rebels shelled today, Thursday, the army’s sites in Al-Tehaita south of Hodeida. The militias also opened intense fire from a 14.5 gun on the army in Hais town, and bombarded others sites with dozens of mortar rounds and RPG shells.

In Al-Durehimi district, the rebel militias targeted, with B10 and RPG and artillery shells and heavy weapons the positions of Giants Brigades.

National Army forces were able to confront the militias’ infiltrations and attacks in multiple fronts, inflicting major human and materials losses among the rebels.


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