Sa’ada,,, National Army imposes siege on Houthi militias in Razih


September Net

National Army continued on Friday its military operation against Houthi militias in Razih front in the northern province of Sa’ada.

Forces affiliated with the 7th Border Guards Brigade are imposing siege on the criminal militias in the villages of Sha’aban, Aumar and mo’ataq al-Atm in Razih district.

Meanwhile, the artillery forces of the army targeted and destroyed three mortars belong to Houthi militias in the mountain of “Bani Mu’in and Al Ali”. A number of Houthi rebels were also killed and wounded in the targeted sites.

In the context, the demining team continues to remove landmines and improvised explosive devices planted by the coup militias in the area of Massn al-Kad in Razih district.

125 landmines and improvised explosive devices have been removed so far.


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