2897 women killed, injured by Houthi militias in four years in Taiz, HRITC says

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September Net

Houthi coup militias have killed 402 women and injured 2495 in Taiz province during the period from 22 March 2015 to 31 January 2019, According to the Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC).

HRITC said that 16 women were killed and 21 injured by mines and improvised explosive devices planted by Houthi militias in areas under their control, pointing out Yemeni women are living in very difficult humanitarian conditions.

The Houthi militias’ coup on the legitimate authority on September 21, 2014, has triggered the ongoing war which destroyed the state institutions, according to the Center.

It also mentioned that the Houthi militias have ruined the social fabric through promoting the hatred and malice discourses and their  continued calls for war.

The Center called all Yemeni political parties, state’s institutions, international civil society to protect Yemeni women from wars and help, rehabilitate them to get rid of these difficult situations. It also demanded to make the issue of women’s rights is a priority in the plans and actual implementation.


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