Army thwarts Houthi militias’ attacks in Hodeidah


September Net

National Army forces have thwarted several attacks and infiltration attempts carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in the northeast of Hodeidah province.

Army forces managed to stop the Houthi militants’ attempts to advance into their sites in the areas of 7 July, 50 street, Souk Al-Halkah and Fazah area affiliated to Tuhayta district.

The Houthi militias intensified its artillery bombardment on the neighborhoods of Shuhada, Zayed, Salkhanah, Jalil and Qalaa, local residents said.

The militias resumed its shelling into the industrial complex of the “Thabet Brothers” , the stores of Yamani factory and the Mill Grains, resulting in large fires, the sources added.


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