Militias’ coup caused killing of 500 women, injury of 1950 others, says Minister Al-Kamal  

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September Net

Minister Ebtihaj Al-Kamal said Houthi militias’ coup on 21 September 2014, has caused the death of 500 women and the injury of 1950 others, including 3230 were psychologically tormented by the militia’s acts, eleven of them by direct torture.”

In a statement to September Net on the International Women Day, Al-Kamal said “More than 120 women were killed and 115 other were wounded including 13 by mines in 2018 alone in areas under the militias control.”

“The militia detained 18 women from Sana’a University and took them to an unknown place on October 6, 2018,” she said.

She demanded the international community especially the United Nations to take a clear and strong action towards this criminal militia that had practiced arbitrary killing of women and men everywhere in the country.

She said: “Yemeni women are celebrating the Women’s Day with all the world’s women despite the situation they have ended in the militia-controlled territories because of their subjection to humiliation and round up to jails for no reason.”


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