Houthi terrorists committing genocide in Hajoor, Hajjah

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militias are committing genocide against population of Hajoor tribal areas in Yemen’s northern province Hajjah.

The extremist militias had been carrying mass executions and wide arrests against citizens, destroying some houses to ground and damaging others as collective punishment to the people opposing them in the region.

In a terrorist crime, the radical militias had executed on of its opponents tribal Sheikh, Mohammed Al-Amri, along with a number of his sons in front of the rest of family members.

Five more tribes were also executed after being abducted by the militias from the house of a resistance leader, before they laced the house with explosives and blew it up.

The terrorist militias also broke into the house of the citizen Mohammed Hameed, executing him and his wife with live bullets.

Local sources reported that the Houthi rebels have placed explosives around dozens of houses in order detonate them.

The sources said the militias had already blown up five houses in the area.


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