Human Rights Minister appeals for UN to save villagers in Hajoor

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Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Asker called on Sunday on the UN and UNHCHR to act immediately to save the residents of Hajoor and Kushar in Hajjah province where villagers have been subjected to aggressive atrocities by putschist Houthi militia.

Speaking at press conference held in Cairo, Asker appealed to the UN and International Community (IC) to move as soon as possible to stop the hideous brutalities against the civilians in Hajoor district and dispatch relief and humanitarian aids to the peasants who have been under the militia’ sieges for two months.

” The UN’s agencies, first of all UNSC, need to act immediately to protect the population in Kushar and Hajoor”, said Asker.

The minister revealed that 62 civilians were killed among of them four children and five women and 217 more injured including six children and 14 women, while 4286 families were internally displaced including thousands of men, women and children.

Asker added that the Houthi militiamen have detonated 24 houses, one mosque, destroyed 30 farms preventing the growers from irrigating their own plantations, besides that the militia planted landmines everywhere in the area.


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