AMA: Houthi militias abducted 1442 citizens, including women, last year

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September Net

The Abductees’ Mothers  Association has said that the Houthi militias abducted 1442 people in the areas they control during last year 2018.

AMA said in its annual report that among the abductees were 114 women, pointing out that 22 kidnapped persons died under torture in the militias’ jails.

The report, “Mothers at the gates of Prisons”, said that the highest figures of abductions recorded in the capital Sana’a, with 401 cases, of which 109 are women, followed by Hodeidah 190 cases including two women.

“Last year, the militias carried out 33 arrest campaigns, and detained 450 people including women and children”

“Houthi militias forcibly disappeared 294 cases, including 37 in Hodeidah, followed by Taiz and Sa’ada with 37 cases for each.”

AMA said that 230 abductees are still forcibly disappeared from previous years.

AMA also registered 709 cases of torture by the militias against the abductees, as result 22 died.

The Mothers of Abductees appealed to the United Nations and all human rights organizations in and out Yemen to take serious actions to release all the abductees arbitrarily detained and to expose the whereabouts of the enforced disappeared.


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