Houthi militias recruited 5113 children in the past 4 years

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September Net

The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (Rasd Coalition ) has monitored 5113 children have been recruited by Houthi coup militias as soldiers during the past four years.

The head of Rasd Coalition delivered a word at the Human Rights Council 40th Session in which he said the Yemeni children are subjected to a number gross violations like kidnapping, violence and forcibly recruitment by Houthis militias.

Motahar al-Bathegi pointed out that four million Yemeni children do not receive their education. The Houthi militias have destroyed 1600 schools and turned 170 others into military barracks.

“About two million Yemeni children dropped out to work as labors due to the deteriorated economic conditions resulted by Houthi militia’s coup in 2014.” he added.

He called upon the Human Rights Council and the concerned international child rights organizations to provide full protection to children during armed conflicts, to held responsible parties accountable for the violations against children in Yemen.

Taking into account consideration the sustainable development’s goals, particularly goal 16 to ending all forms of violence against children and removing land mines, which claimed lives of many children in Yemen.


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