Minister Fatah calls on OCHA to immediately act to save Hajoor’s population

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Minister of Local Administration—Chairman of High Relief Committee —Abdurraqeeb met on Monday in the temporary capital Aden with Advisor of the High Coordination in the Office of OCHA in Yemen Collin Leak.

Fatah called on the OCHA to immediately intervene to lift the siege imposed by Houthi militias on Hajoor and provide relief and humanitarian aids to the people in need in several areas of Hajoor district in Hajjah province.

Fatah appealed to OCHA to press for ending the Houthi militia atrocities against the villagers in Hajoor and other areas in Hajjah.

The Minister insisted on an urgent intervention by OCHA to save the affected by people the district of Hajoor by coordinating with all UN’s agencies operate in Yemen to offer a hand of help for the people in need, providing them with the urgently needed relief and humanitarian aids.


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