AMA condemns Houthis’ ongoing abductions of women in Hodeida

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September Net

Abductees Mothers Association has denounced Houthi militias for continue abducting women and rounding them up in secret jails in the western province of Hodeidah.

“While the world celebrates Women World Day and wishes them peace  success, women in Hodeidah are facing horrific phenomenon of women abductions,” AMA said in a statement during a protest on Tuesday in Al-Khokha of Hodeidah.

The statement hold Houthi militias accountable for the life and safety of all women abductees who  suffered serious psychological and morale problems along with their families.

The mothers called on the United Nations and its envoy in Yemen and human rights organizations to do their best work to protect Yemeni women, and to bring those who  abduct and disappear women to justice.

They demanded safe mechanism to listen to testimonies of the victim women so that neither them nor their families get harm.


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