Deputy Foreign Minister stresses relocating UN offices to Aden

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September Net

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad al-Hadhram has stressed relocating all United Nations’ offices to the transitional capital Aden.

In his meeting with the Head of the Political Affairs Department of the Office of the Special Envoy to Yemen Marwan Ali on Sunday, al-Hadhrami confirmed government’s support to the UN Envoy’s efforts regarding implementation of Hodeida Agreement, stressing the role of the UN on revealing the party hindering implementation of Sweden Agreement.

The two parties discussed measures of facilitating tasks of the UN envoy’s office in Aden and development of peace process including Stockholm agreement.

The deputy minister confirmed that the existence of the UN envoy in Aden is important and the ministry will work on facilitating its mission, confirming government’s keenness on facilitating activities of the UN offices for alleviating suffering of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that silence on revealing those who hinder Stockholm Agreement before the International Community will encourage Houthi militia continue their stubbornness and relinquish their commitments on withdrawal from Hodeida and its ports.

For his part, Ali confirmed keenness of the UN envoy’s office on existing in the transitional capital Aden for making peace process successful and implementation of Stockholm Agreement.


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