Army Spokesman: Iranian experts train Houthi militias to attack international navigation


September Net

The Spokesman of the National Armed forces Brig. Abdu Mujali has  revealed on Monday that “Iranian experts are training the Houthi militias in the port city of Hodeidah in order to target ships and booby-trap the international shipping lines.

“We have information about the presence of Iranian experts who are training the rebel militias to carry out attacks and bombing by using number of self-propelled boats off the coast of Aluheiya Directorate north of Hodeidah,” Okaz Newspaper quoted Brig. Mujali as saying.

The Spokesman said the exercises are being conducted near the islands of “talween” and “Al-Malik ” and the area of “Khor al-Alali”, whose farms have been used by Houthi militias as arms caches and training camps.

He warned commercial ships passing through international shipping of seriousness of the militias’ move, calling them to maintain caution, since such movements predict terrorist acts being planned by the coup militias.

“The National Army forces have seriously taken the militia’s threats to target Saudi Arabia and the UAE, particularly as the rebels already targeted with ballistic missiles the holy lands and residential  neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia, and liberated areas as well” he said

“These threats are evidence of Iran’s continuation in smuggling weapons to the Houthi militias through the ports of Hodeida, Al-Salef and Ras Issa, which the coup militias still refusing to hand over or keeping it under observation as  provided in the Stockholm Agreement”.

“The silence of the international community and the United Nations has encouraged the Houthi militias to challenge the international resolutions and to continue threatening the international peace and security.”


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