Houthi militia restricts movement of head of RCC in Hodeida

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militia is restricting the movement of Danish General Michael Lollesgaard, the Head of Redeployment Coordination Committee in Hodeida, government sources said.

“Houthi militia has also obstructed the mission of the head of the RCC to implement phase one” of redeployments of the Hodeida Agreement- said the sources.

In coincidence, the militia has sent new reinforcements to the port city, and continued shelling the army’s sites and residential areas in Hodeida, despite the UN-led ceasefire there.

“Houthi militia has killed and wounded 750 people during the ceasefire in Hodeida,” Yemen’s Human Rights Minster Mohammed Askr stated yesterday, Monday.

”The coupist militia is still circumventing around the Stockholm Agreement and refusing to implement it,” Askr said

He added that the militia is “rather continuously violating the ceasefire and obstructing the first stage of troop Redeployment provided for in the Agreement.”

Meanwhile, a member of the government delegation to the Sweden’s consultations tweeted “Houthi terrorist coup militias have denied head of the UN RCC an inspection visit to the port of Ras Isa.”

Brig. Gen. Askr Zuail added that such move is an “escalation by the rebel militia to obstruct UN efforts to implement the Hodeida Agreement.”

He said that General Lolisgaard traveled to Sana’a to complain about what happened to the rebel leader in the group, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi.

Houthi militia is trying to carry out fake redeployment and withdrawal through handing over the city and its ports to their elements who put on uniforms in order to maintain presence in Hodeida.


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