Houthi militia recruits African fighters to Hodeida city

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has sent foreign combatants to fight along their side in Hodeida since they are suffering a growing shortages of fighters among their ranks.

In an attempt to blow up the truce which they’ve never committed to since it started in the city, the rebel militia has brought more mercenaries and militants to fight in their lines against government forces that have been respecting the ceasefire there.

The Houthi militia has recruited many African fighters from the provinces that still under their control and brought them in to fight in their side against the National Army forces in Hodeida.

The militia has exploited the poor situations of these Africans who fled the war in their origin countries to Yemen. They lured them with money, trained and sent them to the fighting fronts.

Houthi militia also continues to recruit more fighters from tribesmen. They took even young school boys and sent them to the battlefields of Hodeida. In addition  to the heavy war equipment and all types of weapons they already pushed to the city.

Houthi putschist militia has been reinforcing their positions and preparing to escalate the fighting in the city. They are ignoring peace efforts exert by the UN’s RCC to implement phase one of the Stockholm Agreement about Hodeida.


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