Yemeni Ambassador to U.S: Houthis dealt with Stockholm agreement with laying, dodging

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Yemeni Ambassador to U.S.Dr. Ahmed  Awad bin Mubarak, said from the first moment, the Houthi militia dealt with the Stockholm agreement with lying and dodging.

During a seminar held Thursday in the US Congress, the Ambassador stressed on importance of the three terms of references and implementation of the international decisions to reach to the peace and find political solution that end the long suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the Houthi rebels coup.

The achievement of peace is possible if the Houthi coupists lay down their arms and become a political faction accept to coexist with the other components of Yemeni society

“Solution is also possible if the Houthi militia accept of the Constitution of the Yemeni Federal State”, he added

In his response to the questions and queries of journalists and researchers, who interested in the Yemeni issue, Ambassador clarified the position of the Yemeni Government and the clear directives of His Excellency President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to give priority to the interests of Yemeni citizens and show flexibility to achieve a political solution in Yemen despite all intransigence and violence by the Houthi militia.



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