Deputy Premier, electricity minister discuss improving power service

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September Net

Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior discussed on Saturday with Minister of Electricity and Energy Mohammad al-Annabi preparations for improving power to face hot summer in the transitional capital Aden and other liberated provinces.

In the meeting attended by Director of Petro-Massila Company, which is entrusted with carrying out Aden’s new power, guarantees for carrying out the project and new transfer towers and security measures for protecting it and securing the project with output of 264 MW in its first phase were discussed.

Minister al-Maysari showed readiness of providing all security facilitations needed for protecting the project and ensuring its implementation on time.

He praised efforts exerted by Minister of electricity for remarkable improvement in the service and valued the role of the countries of the Arab Coalition for their support to the project.

He was acquainted by electricity minister on the obstacles which accompanied implementation of the project and accomplished level in Gas Power Plant of 120 MW in Aden, financed by the UAE.

Al-Maysari listened also to detailed report on accomplishing power projects and efforts exerted by the ministry for improving the service.

Minister al-Annabi praised efforts exerted by minister of interior and his following up for power service and alleviating challenges facing electricity ministry.

He confirmed keenness of carrying out power projects and following up concerned bodies.




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