Houthi militia killed 213 civilians, wounded 499 in Hajja’s Hajoor

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia killed 213 civilians including 24 children and 32 women, and wounded 496 others including 38 children and 63 women in Hajoor in northern Yemen, a NGO said.

Human Rights Information and Training Center( HRITC) said in seminar it held in Cairo on Monday, that the Houthi militia conducted 8000 human rights abuses against the people of Kushar district in Hajoor of Hajjah province.

The rebel militia abducted and enforcedly disappeared 176 civilians, forcibly displaced 2665 families, and forced 4856 families to leave their houses, HRITC said.

It indicated that the insurgent militia blew up 75 houses fully and 75 others partially, shelled 45 schools and militarized 8 others, as result 20,000 male and female students lost their education.

The Center pointed that five popular markets were destroyed, 35 water trucks were fully burned and 45 farms were damaged by the coup militia, as well

Houthi putschist militia is still committing the most cruel types of atrocities and abuses against unarmed civilians in Kushar and Hajoor tribal areas, it asserted, calling on the UN Commission for Human Rights to paid a visit to the Hajoor region and get familiar with the Houthi crimes against civilians there.


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