Houthi militia refuses to cease fire in Hodeida


September Net


Iran-backed Houthi militia is still violating the UN-led Hodeida truce of December 18.

They have been shelling civilians and residential areas and positions of the National Army in the city continually.

The rebel militia used on Tuesday all types of heavy weapons against the positions of the Army forces in Hais south of Hodeida.

The rebels also fired dozens of mortar rounds on other sites held by government forces and used sniper shootings.

Houthi militia has been hindering the implementation of Stockholm Agreement namely redeployment of forces in the city.

Yemeni National Army, on contrary, have been fully committed to the cease-fire in Hodeida since it started.

Yemen legal government has been also very keen to implement the Stockholm Agreement as first step toward realizing everlasting peace on the bases of the agreed upon three terms of references.

However, Houthi rebel militia continues to abandoned and disregard the International and UN  resolutions on Yemen.


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