Supreme Elections Committee confirms non- recognition of Sana’a by-elections

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September Net

The Supreme Elections Committee has confirmed that what has been published by some media outlets on holding by-elections in Sana’a for filling vacant seats in the Parliament does not concern it and its constitutional measures.

The committee confirmed in a release issued on Tuesday that it did not recognize convening of Sana’a committee for lack of constitutional conditions stated by Article 78 and for contradicting articles numbering 19, 109,137,144 of the election law and thus those measure are considered criminalized as issued from non-relevant body, contradicting constitution and law and leading to separation track serving Yemen’s enemies.

The committee called on colleague judges- wherever they are- not to be drag into harming measures and be courageous to express their contentment in accordance to the law and not to respond to any illegal call.

The committee confirmed it will make plans and programs for accomplishing the electoral list and the national number in cooperation with its partners of international organizations and called political parties and local and international organizations for help in these difficult conditions.


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