President Hadi: parliament meeting reflects Yemenis’ unity

President 0 H.k

September Net

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said the most significant implication from the convening of the Yemeni parliament, for the first time in years, is the unity of all Yemenis’ in the face of the destructive (Houthi) project.”

Addressing the meeting in Yemen’s eastern city of Sayoun on Saturday, President Hadi said: “This extraordinary session of yours is being held at a highly important historical moment where we stand at the crossroads between peace and war.”

“As we provide all the facilitations and support to the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to broker a comprehensive peace … we are finding that the rebels militia are persistent with their schemes of avoiding and failing the peace brokerage efforts.”

“Today the Yemenis are restoring one of their most important institutions,” said Hadi referring to the House of Representatives.

The most important priority of the government, he said, is to build state institutions and promote their presence so as to be able to perform their job of servicing the people.

“Don’t lose hope due to the Houthi militia’s acts or increasing complexities facing the state in the political, economic and security fields,” he addressed the public.

“You are meant to stop this Houthi foot-dragging and rejection of peace,” he addressed the international community.


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