PM: Five months since signing Stockholm agreement enough to name the hinderer

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September Net

Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik has confirmed that five months since signing Stockholm agreement are enough to define the party hindering implementing it.

“Houthis burnt all boats of peace and the humanitarian situation in Hodeida is complicating and does not bear more delay,” said Prime Minister in a press conference he held Thursday after meeting with US delegation headed by US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tuller.

He pointed out that the UN envoy exerts exceptional efforts but there must be clear and firm language.

“Houthis mustn’t be favored regarding implementation of the agreement,” he said.

He confirmed that the government now is in better situation regarding the implementation of policies it planned for three months, especially regarding short-term measures for improving economic situation, pointed to remarkable improvement in economic field.

Prime Minister valued US support to Yemen and its government, saying this is the second visit to US officials lesser than a month and considered a real support to the government of Yemen and its legal institutions under President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

“We discussed many files associated with support of economic revival and supporting the Central Bank, money laundering, combating terrorism and supporting security apparatus and a number of institutions,” he said.

He talked about US support to Yemen which included security apparatus, coast guard police, border guard and equipping and updating ground outlets and linking it to Migration and Passports Authority.

He touched upon efforts of economic revival saying approving the state budget unanimously by parliament members and discussing it and recommendations made will help reforming financial institutions and reforming economic institutions and services.

“Approving the budget will help government and gives it greater confidence to work in forthcoming periods and will help receiving support and help from brothers,” he said.

He confirmed governments’ plans for paying salaries of employees in public and government sectors, pointing out these efforts will be boosted by brothers’ support to the central bank and the general finance of the state.


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