HR Minister calls International Community to protect civilians in Al-Dhale

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September Net

Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Asker called on the International Community and UN to act immediately to protect the civilians in several villages of Al-Dhale province from atrocities of Iran-backed Houthi militiamen who have been launching brutal war against innocent civilians.

Speaking at press conference he held in the temporary capital Aden on Wednesday, Asker said” 27 civilians have been confirmed killed, 73 more wounded, 9 thousands and 361 families have been internally displaced, 541 houses partially or totally damaged, 5 health facilities, 9 schools destroyed, 145 farms damaged, 16 governmental buildings and 34 private-owned houses stormed and controlled by the militiamen”.

Asker added” Houthi militia’s aggressive military operation has been continuing in several districts of Al-Dhale’, the militiamen imposed blockade upon the villages, refusing to open humanitarian routes to let villagers go out, denying access of drinking water, food and medicines”.


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