UN: From achieving peace, to supporting militia !

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In accordance with the three terms of reference GCC initiative, outputs of the National Dialogue and the resolutions issued by it, especially resolution 2216, however, the performance of the UN in Yemen has shifted from achieving peace to supporting the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The UN support of Houthi militia, through one of its bodies with 20 four-wheel-drive vehicles under the pretext of demining, demonstrates the manifestations of this dirty support for the militia, which is increasingly killing Yemenis.

Water wells, roads, schools, mosques, houses, citizens’ farms and everything related to the lives of the citizens have been trapped with mines by Houthi militia.

As a result, thousands of Yemenis have been killed and wounded, most of them permanently disabled.

That is what the international criminal body – the United Nations – has learned well and sees in the natural eye of its former envoys to Yemen.

What kind of criminality is that practiced by the UN against Yemenis ? and why? This international organization is to blame all the hatred on the Yemenis while recognizing their legitimate government and is working to kill them by supporting Houthis militia that has seized power by force of arms.

In accordance with the goals for which the UN was created, these goals require support for the legitimate governments, not for criminal militia, led by the Iranian-backed gang.

The UN should have supported the legitimate forces with demining equipment, instead of supporting militias that have planted more than 2 million mines across Yemen.

However, the government team in the redeployment committee has long demanded the UN envoy and his aides to provide logistical support to the national army and to force the Houthi militia to hand over the maps of those mines.

But What the UN envoy is doing in Yemen is only to look for justifications for the support of his criminal organization for the Houthi criminal militia, and to work to strengthen it by all means.

The aim of this UN support is to deliberately prolong the dirty war waged by the militia against the Yemeni people for more than five years.

The legitimate government and the Arab Coalition are required to support the legitimacy in Yemen and take a decisive action against Houthis, allowing the national army to move towards its goals, or Yemen and the countries of the region will not be safe from the evil militia.


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