Al-Ruaini participates in National Dialogues Conference in Finland

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Minister of State for Implementing National Dialogue’s outcomes Affairs Yaser Al-Ruaini participated Tuesday in the Fourth International Conference for National Dialogues and non-Formal Dialogue Process.

The conference organized by Finland Foreign Ministry in partnership with a group of non-government organizations being held here on June 11-12.

In a speech he delivered in the conference, Al-Ruaini reviewed efforts of holding inclusive national dialogue conference and reconciliation in Yemen and the draft constitution crystalized from the dialogue’s outcomes and Houthi coup, which stopped progress in implementing the dialogue’s outcomes.

He pointed out that the national dialogue represented Yemeni unique experiment and a reference for building the new Federal Yemen based on justice, citizenship and good governance.

He made it clear that Houthi militia deviated from the peaceful approach and overthrew on the state institutions and the political process, noting that the militia’s war against the state did not start after the dialogue but years before when the militia used weapon against the state and despite all of that they were allowed to participate in the dialogue to co-exist with all and be party in building new Yemen.

But the militia insisted on violence and wars, a matter impeded the state and the people of Yemen to face this militia and stop its crimes against the citizens, said Al-Ruaini.

He confirmed the role of the international community in holding the national dialogue, demanding more effort to be exerted by the international community for exerting more pressure on forces, which renounced the outcomes of the dialogue and hindered the political process and process of the transitional


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