Army carries out a qualitative operation north of Al-Dhale


September Net

National army on Wednesday, carried out a qualitative offensive operation in the southern province of Al-Dhale.

The operation targeted Houthi militia, north of Al-Qafla area and west of Al-Ribi, in Qataba district north of the province.

The operation comes after the national army has carefully monitored militia positions and identified the target. As a result, the target was hit with high accuracy.

The operation resulted in the killing and wounding of 15 Houthi elements, including prominent leaders, in addition to the destruction of a combat vehicles, and a number of light and medium weapons.

In the same context, the national army backed by popular resistance in the front of Al-Hajer, south of Al- Ribi area, defeated an infiltration of the militia from the direction of Habil Al- Derma, towards the valley of Al-Jishib, west of Al-Ribi Salam.

In the operation, Houthi militia inflicted heavy losses on lives and equipment.


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