Dep. Foreign Minister : The government keen seeker for peace

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September Net

Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami has made it clear that the government has always been seeking to achieve sustainable peace that is based on the three well known terms of reference including GCC’s Initiative, its executive mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council resolution 2216.

His statement came as met on Sunday with the Special Envoy of Swede to Yemen Peter Semnbey.

Discussions focused on the underway efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement. Al-Hadrami blamed Iran-allied Houthi militia for not implementing the agreement; citing the significant concessions the government has already offered to help putting Stockholm Agreement in place. ” There is no room now to confer about new round of consultations as long as Stockholm Agreement has been implemented yet”, said al-Hadrami.

The Swedish diplomat reiterated his country’s support for the Yemeni government headed by President Hadi and the efforts to implement Stockholm Agreement.


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