Coalition air defenses down two  drones fired by Houthi militia on Abha


September Net

The Arab Coalition to support Legitimacy in Yemen announced that its air defenses shot down on Monday night two explosive-laden drones fired by the Iran-backed  Houthi rebel militia towards the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Coalition spokesman Col. Turkey Al-Maliki was quoted by Saudi Press Agency as saying that the first drone was fired towards a residential areas in Abha region and was shot down at 10:37 pm. While the second drone was shot down at 11: 47 pm, an hour later, over Yemeni air space after it was launched towards the kingdom.

Al-Maliki said that Houthi terrorist and criminal tool targets civilians and civilian objects but none of their targets achieved.

He stressed the kingdom’s legal  right to defend itself. “We will continue to neutralize Houthis’ hostile capabilities,” Al-Maliki added.


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