Al-Maysari discusses with US Ambassador about aspects of security cooperation

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September Net

Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior Eng. Ahmed al-Maysari met on Thursday in Aden with American Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel.

The session aimed to discuss bilateral cooperation between Yemen and the USA namely in the field of security.

Al-Maysari cited most important security challenges Yemen has been facing, noting that terrorism is the most formidable of all. He highlighted the need for greater support by Yemen’s friends to build up the security forces capacities so that they can do their job successfully.

” Undermining the Yemeni government’s role and institutions isn’t in the interest of anyone but Iran and terrorist groups”, said al-Maysari.

He stated that the only way to re-establish security and stability in Yemen is to support the legitimate government and enabling it to function effectively.

For his part, the US Ambassador stated that Washington is very interested in reinvigorating the government’s institutions and empowering it to do its job.

Henzel reiterated the American administration’s support for the legitimate government and efforts to stop the war, establish peace.


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