Al-Iryani, Grande explores approaches to deliver humanitarian aids

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September Net

Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani met in Washington on Saturday with the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in our country Lise Grande.

Discussions intended to explore effective approaches to deliver humanitarian aids to the peoples in need throughout Yemeni regions.

Al-Iryani criticized Houthi militia’s spokesperson for describing international organizations operate in humanitarian domain as agents of international intelligences.” This militia cant’ be trustworthy that its leaders try to gain personally at the expense of the Yemeni peoples’ suffering”.

Grande extremely regretted for suspending food distribution to the people in need in the capital Sana’a.

She said ” We had made our utmost efforts and used every possible manner to persuade the Houthis to comply with executive mechanisms that ensure humanitarian aids access to the people in need, but they insisted on distributing the aids the way they like that we consider incorrect, can’t ensure access of aids to the peoples in need.


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