Houthi militia blasts crossing bridge in Al-Dhale

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September Net

Houthi militia on Thursday, blew up a crossing bridge in Qataba district, north of the province of Al-Dhale.

Local sources told September Net that, the Houthi militia blew up, on Thursday, a bridge in the public road in Al-Quraeiah area, west of Qataba district, which connects between Al-Dhale and Ibb provinces.

The militia cut off the public road in the area of ​​Salim west of the district itself, causing the stop moving of vehicles, including trucks carrying food.

During the month of Ramadan, the Houthi militia blew up three bridges in the area of ​​Qardh, along Moris road, and two other bridges in the al-Ma’zoub area of ​​the Qataba district.

In November last year, the militia blew up the bridge connecting  Al-Haqab and Damat districts, cutting off the road between the city and the capital Sana’a.


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