Chief of Staff stresses on improving military medical services performance


September Net

Chief of General Staff, Lit. Gen. Abdullah Al-Nakhai on Sunday stressed the importance of improving medical services in hospitals and military medical facilities.

The Chief of Staff stressed the need to restore the effectiveness of hospitals and military medical facilities to provide distinguished services to members of the military establishment.

This came during the Chief of Staff chaired a meeting of the Military Medical Services Department and the hospitals of Basheib, Abud and Salahuddin, in the interim capital of Aden, in the presence of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics Maj. Gen. Dr. Saleh Hasan and Head of the Intelligence Directorate Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Yafei.,

“If things do not improve, we will have to seek alternative solutions to improve the status of military medical services,” he said.

The Chief of Staff reiterated the importance of benefiting from the military medical teams, pointing out that the military hospitals in Aden will be followed up to monitor performance, know the services provided and solve the problems and obstacles that exist.


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