Vice President meets commander of 7th military region


September Net

Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh met on Monday with the commander of 7th military region Maj.Gen. Mohsen al-Khabi, to discuss the latest military developments and the situations of army units in the region.

The Vice President praises the victories and sacrifices exerted by the heroes of the national army in defending the legitimacy, appreciating the brotherly support of the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia.

He confirmed the determination of the legitimate government and Arab coalition to restore the state and establish a lasting peace based on the three references.

Lt. Gen Saleh stressed during the meeting the need to redouble efforts and complete the tasks and military plans.

For his part, the commander of the 7th military region briefed the Vice-President on the level of combat readiness, pointing out to the needs and difficulties challenged by the heroes of the national army in order to realize Yemenis’ dream and moving towards the capital Sana’a.


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