Army impedes militia attack in Al-Jawf


September Net

The national army forces on Tuesday impeded an attack by Houthi militia in Al-Aqaba front in Al-Jawf province, northeast of the country.

The Assistant Commander of the Sixth Military Region, Commander of the 101 Brigade Brig. Gen. Mohammed bin Al-Rassai, told September Net that, the the Houthi militia elements tried to attack the positions of the army in the Al-Aqaba front.

He confirmed that the army forces defeated the militia attack and forced them to flee, after the killing and injuries in their ranks.

For his part, Commander of the 110 Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abdulaziz Hanakal said in a statement to September Net that, the national army, fixed in its positions, and ready to impede all attempts by the militia, and restore any sites lost earlier.

In the meantime, the national army artillery shelled the positions of the Houthi militia headquarters on the same front, causing several casualties.


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