Human Rights organizes specialized course to security officers in al-Mahra

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Human Rights Ministry’s Office organized in al-Mahra province on Saturday a training course on human right principles and enforcing the law.

Up to 25 security officers from provinces of Hadhramout, Mareb, Jawf and Mahra are participating in the course which lasts for three days.

Opening the course, Deputy Governor of al-Mahra Saleh Ulayan stressed significance of respecting and abiding by human rights principles by security personnel, confirming that security men’s duty is providing security and protection to all citizens without exception.

He called participants to give special significance to human rights issue.

Meanwhile, Director of Human Rights Office in Aden Imad Sinan pointed out that the course comes in the framework of cooperation between the ministry and Penal Reform International.

The course is the second phase within two phases carried out by the ministry across liberated provinces.


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