Cabinet approves regional aquaculture convention

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September Net

The Cabinet has approved the convention of cooperation on aquaculture in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden region as presented by the Minister of Fisheries to the Cabinet’s regular meeting here today.

The Cabinet hailed the efforts being implemented to restore the wholesomeness of the fisheries sector on a gradual basis in the aftermath of the Houthi war.

The Cabinet also approved a draft decree to establish a national committee to study the indicators of the local labor market. The draft decree was presented by the Minister of Civil Service.

The Cabinet also condemned in the strongest terms the recurrent Houthi attacks on Abha interntional airport in Saudi Arabia the lates of which was on Tuesday early morning which led to the injury of nine civilians.

The Cabinet affirmed that this terrorist attack shows the Houthi militia’s disregard to the international resolutions and customs and the lack of serious interest in peace on the part of Houthis.


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