Army retakes new positions in Sa’ada


September Net

The national army forces supported by the Arab coalition on Friday, took control of new positions in the front of Razih axis, west of Sa’ada province.

The units of the national army were able to take full control of Al-Samakah and Al-Thaer hill in Bani Mazin area, of Razih district.

The national army forces imposed a stifling siege on areas where the militia had been hiding.

The raging battles were accompanied by the Arab coalition airstrikes, in which a 14-inch machine gun was destroyed in Al-Athnab mountain range and another attack targeting a militia outpost in Shaban village.

In the same context, the artillery of the national army intensified shelling on positions and fortifications of the militia, which resulted in the killing and injury of several elements of the militia.

The national army engineering teams have removed more than 30 explosive devices and landmines planted by the militia to impede the advance of the national army in these strategic locations.


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