Militant leader killed with several elements in failed attack in Hodeida


September Net

Houthi leader along with a number of militants were killed in clashes with national army forces in Hodeida.

Fighting erupted late on Friday as the militia launched an attack, which is the most violent offensive on the army posts since UN-led ceasefire started in Hodeida province.

However, the national army thwarted the attack and the militiamen were forced to retreat after a number of them killed, including a leader named Talib Solaiman, and dozens elements were wounded as well.

During the last two days, the army forces defeated several attacks by Houthi militia in Al-Duraihemi and in the city’s eastern parts.

The rebel militiamen suffered tens of killed including a leader Hamza Alghrbani, and a number of their combat machines were destroyed during those failed attack.


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