Army progress in Sa’ada could change the situation on the ground

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September Net-  Ameen Aljaradi


Yemen national army battle against the Iran-backed Houthi militia has seen dramatic developments during the past two weeks including new progress in Baqam, Razeh, Kataf districts, north of Houthi’s stronghold of Saada province, in the north of the country.

With support from the Arab coalition, the national army forces have retaken control of a number of Sa’ada districts, the advance which analysts said could change the situation on the ground.

Yesterday, troops of the national army, managed to liberate a number of roads surrounding the center of Baqem district from the south-eastern directions, following heavy clashes with the Houthi militia.

The fierce clashes resulted in the killing of 23 Houthi elements and the wounding of others, in addition to the destruction of a number of militant hardware. During the fighting, the army also regained large quantities of weapons and ammunitions.

During the past two weeks, the national army has made military progress north of the province.

The Army has managed to liberate Al-Baydha hill and Al-Aswad hills in Baqem district, north of the province, after violent clashes with the Houthi militia.

During the clashes, the national army forces have managed to cut the international road to Baqem, which was supplying the militia with logistics in the same district. The fierce clashes left heavy casualties and losses in militant hardware.

Analysts said liberating of Baqem district from the militia will represent a shift in the national army battle against the Houthi militia, and pave the way for retaking all districts of the province.

Mansour Al-Ghudrah, a military analyst said the victory in Sadda is just the beginning for achieving all goals of the Yemeni national army.

“Breaking the balance in favor of the national army in Houthi’s stronghold of Saada, is the coroner-stone for ending the Houthi coup and then guaranteeing better scenarios,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Houthi militia is ignoring its defeat in many fronts and attempting to market the idea that the situation is still under its control, analysts excluded that the militia and its partners will accept any peace efforts at least in the near future.


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