Political alliance condemns Houthi death verdicts against 36 detainees

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September Net

The National Alliance for Political Parties has strongly condemned death verdicts issued by Houthi militia’s court on Tuesday against 36 detainees most of them kidnapped by the militia four years ago and suffered different forms of physical and psychological torture.

Some of the detainees were died over severe torture.

In a release issued Tuesday, the alliance said such verdicts are illegal as they have been issued by a court should be relocated to Aden by a Republican Decree and that the verdicts were based on false procedures and continuous breaches to law and all human rights accords.

According to the release these decisions reflect clear picture to human rights’ situation in Houthi-held areas managed by suppression, terrifying and kidnapping political activists, journalists and citizens from their homes and working places.
The alliance confirmed that Houthi rebel militia’s practices of torture and suppression of their opponents come in the frame of their efforts for “sweeping political life” and terrifying social opponent.

The political parties’ alliance demanded UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith and sponsors of political process in Yemen to take clear position and to intervene to stop this crime against these activists, who are included in Sweden Agreement.


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