PM, new WFP manager discuss Houthi obstacles to humanitarian aid

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik and the new WFP manager in Yemen Asef Ali Buhotto have discussed the Houthi obstacles put on front of humanitarian aid deliveries and means of addressing them.

In a meeting in Aden, the Prime Minister discussed the WFP’s plan of action and ways of coordination to implement that plan.

The Prime Minister welcomed the new WFP manager and affirmed the government’s interest in offering all facilitations to the WFP to carry out its mission successfully.

He stressed the imperative of commitment on the part of the WFP to the international humanitarian criteria to ensure that aid is not denied to the thousands of entitled beneficiaries across Yemen and is not diverted by the Houthis to fuel their war.

He expressed concern that the WFP’s aid stocks in Hodeidah may expire as a result of the Houthi obstacles to their distribution and due to the recurrent Houthi shelling on the grain mills.


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