French Love Alliance inspects humanitarian situations in Mareb

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September Net

Deputy Governor of Mareb Abd-Rabbo Miftah received Thursday the delegation of French Love Alliance for Humanitarian Organizations headed by Salim Rise and listened to the nature of the visit aiming at inspecting humanitarian situations in the province and evaluating needs of displaced people.

Miftah reviewed challenges facing Mareb’s local authority over waves of displacing from different Houthi-held provinces.

He pointed out that the local authority has exerting its outmost efforts for providing security and protection to displaced people in addition to improving infrastructure and basic services for reaching the minimum needs of the displaced people and the hosting community.

He talked about urban, water, electrical, educational and health projects made by the local authority and other humanitarian projects in fields of providing shelter and food to displaced people.

He criticized weak intervention by international organizations in Mareb, confirming readiness of local authority to provide all facilitations needed by humanitarian organizations for implementing their humanitarian projects and programs in the province.


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