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Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah al-Sa’adi expressed government’s aspirations for UN and international community support to its efforts for transferring from relief phase into reconstruction and economic recovery phase.

In Yemen’s speech he delivered in the activities of the high ranking political forum on Sustainable Development Agenda 2019, he made it clear that the government of Yemen- in cooperation with donors led by World Bank and Arab Coalition for Supporting Yemen’s government- has prepared inclusive plan for recovering and reconstruction and boosting normalizing life in liberated provinces via development support and honoring former pledges.

The government of Yemen seeks to reconstructing state’s different educational institutions, judiciary and legislative bodies as well as providing suitable environment for development, he said.

He confirmed that prolonging the war and expanding armed conflicts pose the most significant reasons hindering firm progress for realizing sustainable development.

More expansion of wars and conflicts means more need for humanitarian interventions and for steering emergency relief, which contribute in dispersing international and government’s efforts for implementing sustainable development, he said, adding as a result poverty gab and disease and epidemics spread, a matter requires making security and stability in countries witnessing conflicts and wars the outmost priority.

” Yemen is living difficult and exceptional conditions caused by Houthi militia’s armed coup on political process and national consistence and aspirations of Yemeni people for building modern state based on justice, equality, equal chances and respecting law,” said al-Sa’adi.

He pointed out that this coup resulted in destroying all the state’s institutions and led to deterioration of economic, living and health conditions and increased human suffering and spread poverty. It also stopped educational process across Yemen, mainly in Houthi-held areas.

He noted to government’s support to efforts of the UN envoy for reaching to inclusive political settlement for ending the conflict in accordance with the three agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216.


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