Rights Report; More than 3000 violations in Houthi detentions in Sana’a

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September Net

A human rights report released by Human Rights Ministry’s Office in Sana’a and Association of Kidnapped Persons’ Mothers unearthed 3602 violations committed by Houthi rebel militia against kidnapped persons in their detentions in Sana’a during a year and half.

The report, which monitored Houthi violations in the period between January 2018- June 2019, counted 124 secret prisons in the Capital Sana’a made by Houthi militia for hiding kidnapped persons and tortured them in houses of opposition they seized since their coup in September 21, 2014.

Entitled ” Death Detentions,” the report documented the death of 24 kidnaped under torture out of 918 torture cases and monitored 2221 kidnapped cases and 334 forcibly disappearance cases.

Released from Marib Province, the report called the international community and concerned international organizations for quick interventions to rescue 30 kidnapped persons Houthi militia decided to kill them in illegal prosecutions.



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