Interior Minister urges security alert


September Net

Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior Ahmad al-Maysary presided over a meeting on Friday for security and police commanders discussing security developments in Aden after the two terrorist attacks targeted Sheikh Othman Police Station and al-Jala’ Camp in Buraiqa and killed 50 people led by General Muneer al-Yafe’i and injuring 49 others.

Al-Maysary stressed importance of being in a state of readiness, security alert and working on protecting security and stability and cracking down on terrorist elements to be referred to justice over their crimes against the Homeland, citizens, commanders, officers and soldiers of security forces.

He called them for boosting national integration and failing plots of enemies of the homeland.

The meeting discussed a report on the repercussions and reasons behind the two terrorist attacks and means of facing such terrorist acts and foiling them.

The meeting also discussed developments in the transitional Capital of Aden and repercussions of incidents took place recently in al-Mahfad District eastern Abyan Province where terrorist elements of al-Qaeda resumed their attacks on checkpoints and camps of the security belt.

The meeting praised efforts exerted by security committees in Aden, Abyan and Lahj for regaining security order.
The meeting stressed activating joint operational room for following up security situations and making cooperation mechanisms for overcoming security problems and tightening security and stability.

The meeting approved formation of investigation committee to probe the two terrorist attacks and counting human and material losses at al-Jala’ Camp and Sheikh Othman Police Station.

Al-Maysary directed providing necessary support to families of the victims and curing the injured people.


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