Yemen, Malaysia discuss educational cooperation

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September Net

Yemen’s Ambassador to Malaysia Adel Bahumaid discussed on Thursday with Malaysian Minister of Education Mazili bin Malek cooperation between the two countries in educational field.

Bahumaid confirmed keenness of the government of Yemen on making a breakthrough in relations between the two countries and activating agreements and memos of understanding signed between the two countries in fields of education, higher education and vocational education.

He reviewed latest developments in Yemen, pointing to destruction practiced by Houthi militia against education and crimes against forthcoming generations via brainwashing them by terrorist and extremist thoughts, sectarianism and splitting the society.

He pointed out to Houthi militia violations against school children and recruiting them in warfronts.

The two parties also discussed a number of educational issues concerning Yemeni community in Malaysia and discussed finalized measures for opening Yemeni national school in Malaysia under direct sponsorship of Yemen’s Embassy for children of Yemeni community in all Malaysian states.

Situations of Yemeni students in Malaysian universities have been also tackled.


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