Al-Hadhrami, Chinese Ambassador explore situation over UAE-backed STC armed rebellion

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September Net

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Al-Hadhrami explored Thursday with Chinese Ambassador to Yemen Kang Yong peace process and situation developments in provinces of Aden and Abyan over UAE-backed Transitional Council’s armed rebellion.

Al-Hadhrami valued Chinese position supporting Yemen’s legality, security and unity of Yemen and support for reaching a solution on the bases of the three references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216.

Regarding peace process and implementing Stockholm agreement, Al-Hadhrami pointed out that the government is dealing positively with efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen in accordance with the three references, confirming that implementing Stockholm agreement is a key for a new round of consultations.

For his part, Chinese Ambassador confirmed his country’s support to government and to security and stability of Yemen, expressing his country rejection to violence for the sake of political gains.

He confirmed Chinese support to UN envoy’s efforts for reaching to a solution to Yemeni crisis on the bases of the three references.


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