Senior Houthi leader killed by army fire in Al-Jawf


September Net

A Senior leader of the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia was killed Tuesday along with a number of his companions, by the national army fire, in Khub and Al-Shaaf district, Al-Jawf province.

The army Yesterday morning targeted a militia gathering in Sabla front in Khub and Al-Sha’af district, killing Houthi leader Ali Mohsen Al-Qahm, the militant leader in the front, as well ass killing a number of his militant companions.

Moreover, the artillery of the national army targeted the Houthi militia’s reinforcements in Wadi Sabla, killing and wounding a number of its elements in addition to tearing down a number of militia’s combating vehicles.

In the same context,  the Coalition backing the Yemeni legitimate government, launched several airstrikes on rebel militia gatherings, behind Qash’an mountain in the same district. The strikes resulted in loss of life and destruction of combating vehicles.


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